The Hairglow™ blend of vitamins and minerals has been formulated for and distributed by M & R Ventures Ltd, a UK based Marketing and Distribution Company, whose leadership has over 13 years experience in the hair industry.

Having worked with some well known brands in the hair industry, the company has specialised in healthy hair care with particular interest in hair growth and hair loss products. As a partner and exclusive distributor for 2 years, M & R Ventures Ltd worked with a leading hair vitamins brand in the UK, researching, educating and increasing the awareness and importance of dietary supplements for hair growth.

It is based on this experience and feedback from customers that Hairglow vitamins complex is formulated. Identifying the shortfalls of existing hair growth vitamins on the market; some reported as causing acne breakout and not being effective for serious growth and loss related problems, Hairglow™ Biovitamin complex is formulated to address these issues. It is enriched with 10 natural amino acids, other vitamins and minerals giving you a balanced complement of vital B-complex vitamins and herbal remedies that encourage and promote faster growing hair while improving keratin protein building for added strength, shine and length.

Our aim is to promote hair products that are made from all safe, natural ingredients with targeted solutions for common hair problems, and treatments for healthier hair.