Hair Glow Vitamins


Unlike other hair vitamins on the market, Hairglow™ Biovitamin is not just formulated for faster hair growth but it is infused with a blend of nutrients and herbal remedies for hair loss treatment. Hairglow™ Biovitamin gives you a full complement of B-complex supplements,
Saw Palmetto (considered critical for controlling and effectively slowing down or stopping hair loss),
Grape Seed and Green Tea (strong antioxidants for fighting free-radical cellular damage),
Zinc (for helping block DHT that leads to male pattern balding),
Ginkgo Biloba (Chinese medicine for treating hair thinning and hair loss),
Pigeum africanum (extract known to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) believed to be the primary factor responsible for male and female pattern baldness) and Niacin (synchronizes nutrients and protects).
HairGlow Biovitamin complex also meets the daily recommended intake of other key nutrients for a healthy bodily function.